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Globalization increases the travel rates at business and economical level. The demands for transport by aviation are increased exponentially in the last few decades.

Ordinary person needs to travel fast with min waiting time with ease flow and accurate information and pleasant services. Airbus 380, and before it the Jumbo 747 serious, shapes the majority of Airports. Airports varies in size and facilities from just a single runway and radio system to sophisticated aviation air traffic control software, emergency services, maintenance services, multiple runways, hangers, passenger checking and facilities such as restaurants, lounges, the offering of luxurious prestige products in a free shop zone.

Aviation should not create chocks and noises to the ordinary person (e.g. the Concorde fly and New York Airport).
Is it the size of the Airport or the quality of services that matters for the ordinary person?
Big Airports are by default International. Will a small airport with its great service be punished because of its size?

InterConsult21scale for Airport in a City / Country varies from (-5 for bad Airports despite their size) to (5 for excellent Airports despite their size).


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