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Modern Technology, Political Will, sound bases for Macro and Micro Economic and Cultural Exchanges across the borders of Nations as well as National feelings are shaping our life. 

Globalization to succeed, it has to contribute to the welfare of human being. 

While the Globalization efforts are affected and affecting factors that may be out of reach in the short run in several areas in the World, many of these factors are essential to our scope of Business-2-Business and by definition not out of reach for any Country:

InterConsult21 Integrated Concept for City Assessments
Increasing Visibility in any City in the World  in the areas of: 

Environmental Awareness
World Class Services
World Class Company
Ease to Start Business
Political Interest in Globalization
Health Care
Natural Resources
International Activities
Multi Cultures
Reliable Information
Financial Institutions
Education and Know How
International Reach
Information Technology


Reliable Information, World Class Services, World Class City and World Class Company in InterConsult21s Concept are  regarded as essential. 

Reliable Civil Information is the corner stone for Globalization. It is needed to build the infrastructure in any Country (life example Kuwaiti solution).

World Class Services are the tangible benefits of Globalization. World Class Services add Global perspective to  any World City to prosper as a World Class City.

Any Nation that is a member and actively participate in
International Organizations is actually  expressing its willingness as a contributor to the Globalization efforts.

Politicians and International Organizations along with many
World Class Company around the World play significant role in the Globalization efforts of each Country.

InterConsult21 Concept for Globalization is based upon encouraging the building of Reliable Civil Registration around the Globe, strengthening World Class Services, engaging Politicians, Researchers, Thinkers, Moral and Value Defenders and promoters of Globalization to improve and encourage the emerge of World Class City. Mapping Business of Companies on those Services and Cities around the World. 

Globalization - Across Global Business - World Class Services
World Services

Globalization - Across Global Business - World Class City
World Cities

Globalization - Across Global Business - World Class Company
World Class Company*

 World Class Services

 World Class City

 World Class Company

World Class Services / World Services are selected from each Country with emphasis on Global Customer Services and eagerness to participate in the-------- Globalization efforts. World Class Services may be a measure of the tangible results of Globalization Across Global Business. 

World Class City / World City  
is a city that has a direct and tangible effect on global affairs through socioeconomic, cultural, and/or political means. The emerge of World City is related to the increase efforts for Globalization.  

A World Company is a symbol of international commerce and strong economic holdings controlling production and sales.   
Regardless of their size, Companies have a strong say in the Globalization efforts. Internet is and will always remain a tool to promote any thing. 

adapts different approach for setting the criteria for World Class Company. We support the United Nations efforts for Globalization Across Global Business and Boundaries. It is not making much money / turnover or profit that defines the World Class Company, contribution to the welfare of mankind expresses the understanding of InterConsult21 for Globalization.
uses the Internet power to promote the Business of National and Global Company around the World. Of these Companies, many may have the profile of  World Class Company.


- Merging visions of Politicians, Organizations and Global  promoters in 239 Countries.
- Empowering the Globalization efforts as declared by the United Nations.
- Engaging Politicians, Thinkers, Scholars, Researchers from all over the World
- Communicating values, cultures and languages
- Building bridges between Companies and Countries.
- Business-2-Business Integrated Concept for small, middle and big organizations.


- Across Local, National Global Business.
- Increasing Sale and Visibility.
- Creating real mutual contact
- Guarantee.

InterConsult21 supports Globalization and the United Nations 10 Principles of the Global Compact.

Politicians Visions and Views for Globalization and United Nations World Class Company


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InterConsult21 City Assessment. Global look for a City Profile  City Assessment and World Class City
Globalization Across Global Business 2 Business

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