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Ease to Start Business

InterConsult21 Factor in City Assessment

Countries ought to take active part in the Globalization efforts or be left behind, isolated and suffering. To take part in Globalization, Countries should build its infrastructure to cope with the Macro and Microeconomic internal as well as external forces.
It is vital to decrease and ease regulations, shortening the process of starting a business, managing and even closing a business rapidly. Growth and productivity are essentials for playing a role in Globalization.

To present world opinion about any City / Country, we are referring to the World Bank Studies as initial data*. InterConsult21 welcomes the assessment from any ordinary person however, this is to give more colorful feed back about the factor of Ease of doing Business in any City / Country. Ease of doing business is part of a City / Country Profile.

InterConsult21scale for Ease of doing business varies from -5 (for a City that either lack the infrastructure to start a business or has very rigid and complicated process to initiate and doing business) to 5 (for a City that has the infrastructure to easy start a business).

* 2007 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank
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Washington, DC 20433
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