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Environmental Awareness

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An ordinary person needs to live in healthy environment with free pollution and life threatening diseases.

It never occurs that few generations had actually exploiting so many resources in very short time as happened in the last 100 years.
Environmental defenders are striving to protect, preserve or restoring natural environment. They may see a threat in globalization or exploitation of certain resources (e.g., the Amazonís forest in Brazil, the ever increasing fear from utilizing the Atom Power in conflicts). 
We certainly live in the era of
ozone deterioration; deforestation (forest loss and destruction); global warming; negative social effect and high energy consumption of suburban sprawl, species extinction,  bad effect of soil erosion and other human developments that disrupt ecosystems (e.g., coral life) and urban air pollution to mention the least.

Industrialized Countries and every Country has moral obligation to contribute to the Nobel cause of preserving our Planet. Bad exploitation of our earth resources is a burden for every one. It is not healthy to blame each other instead of mobilizing our resources and energy. Coming closer to nature is far more important than destroying it. It is through awareness and eagerness to live in harmony with nature that we all and each can preserve the earth.

InterConsult21íscale for Environment Awareness varies from -5 (for a City that permits the destruction of its natural resources out of ignorance, awareness or deliberate abuse of its environment) to 5 (for a City with awareness, conscious society responsibilities and well preservation plans for its environment).


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