Airports, Attractiveness, Cleanliness, Ease to Start Business, Education and Know How, Environmental Awareness, Financial Institutions, Health Care, Information Technology, International Activities, International Reach,
Glocalization in the Era of Globalization
Globalization Turns the World Visible

InterConsult21 Integrated Concept for City Assessments
Increasing Visibility in any City in the World.


With the high spread of information across the boundaries of any Country and the ever increase access to the Internet; the World is living in an unrecorded exposure in the history of human being. Parallel to that and may be because of that exposure, the World is witnessing the dissolve of old blocks and formation of new ones. Information Maps are not the same and new frontiers emerge. The World is living in the Globalization era with all its chaotic state, threats and opportunities. 

InterConsult21 considers that any City in the World is the unit that reflects a Country status and its Position in the Globalization efforts.

Every City should have a fair chance to share in the Globalization efforts. A City that has History and lack Industrial infrastructure is as good as any Industrial City if the History factor is taken into consideration. A City that has high building is not necessary a World Class City due to its bad Pollution and Unhealthy Environment. Globalization efforts ought to be measured by its contribution to people.

We advocate that Politicians and Business minded entrepreneurs have a say.

Globalization for us means better World Class Services in World Class City by World Class Company.

We encourage World Global Business 2 Business and strive to increase interaction between Countries on equal basis. We increase the visibility of Cities, Services and Companies.

City Profile

Technically, we merge the Political and Organizational visions in each Country; showing this in a form of City Profile and communicate this to the World.

City Profile is our key to assess any City in the World, showing its uniqueness and strength. A city Profile is not based on Statistics or single isolated factor, but on neutral comprehensive assessment. 

It is not the negative views that will empower Globalization. It is awareness of the uniqueness of any City (e.g., existing of clean environment, natural resources, multi cultures, World Class Company, investment potentiality, World Class Services, etc., etc.) that counts.

Uniqueness may create great opportunities.

InterConsult21 measures the Globalization status by its contribution to the ordinary person in any place in any country in the World.

To translate the above postulate to a practical solution, InterConsult21 introduces the following 21 factors to assess the status of globalization of any City in the World:

Environmental Awareness, Cleanliness, Population, World Class Services, World Class Company, Ease to Start a Business, Political Interest in Globalization, Safety, Health Care, Natural Resources, Attractiveness (Historical Ancient Places, Theatres, Museums), Multi Cultures, International Activities, Sports, Reliable Information, Financial Institutions, Education and Know How (High Schools and Universities), International Reach, Airports, Transport and Information Technology.   

InterConsult21 has a scale that varies from -5 to 5 for each of the mentioned 21 factors.

The absence of NOT HUMAN DRIVEN factor ought not to be seen as negative (e.g., Natural Resources in a City / Country). However, the absence of a HUMAN DRIVEN factor may be seen as negative (e.g., Health Care).

Individual assessments by ordinary person / companies and organizations are far effective than isolated statistics. Each citizen, company or organization in a City / Country can use the assessment due to its ease and diversify factors. The more assessments are carried out the better the average and the better the City / Country Profile.

The description and aim of each factor is centered therefore around the ordinary person.

InterConsult21 aims to develop an environmentally-conscious awareness and interest in the globalization efforts.


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