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Glocalization in the Era of Globalization
Globalization Turns the World Visible

International Reach

InterConsult21 Factor in City Assessment

An ordinary man in the Globalization era has access to huge amount of information from the entire World. Many are not accurate or representative. It is important for a City / Country to be at reach in continuous manner. Beside the local and national net-workings, access to a City by Global News Magazine, International TV Stations etc. may increase the visibility of the City / Country. Reporting from and about a City is part of global information exchange at international level.

InterConsult21scale for Information Reach varies from -5 (for lack of reporting mechanism in a City) to 5 (for a very effective reporting mechanism in a City).


InterConsult21 Integrated Concept for City Assessments
Increasing Visibility in any City in the World  in the areas of: 

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