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Multi Cultures

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Ordinary person moves (immigrates) freely across the borders and cultures and languages in the Globalization era. The challenge of such movement is not easy. It bears overt and covert obstacles in language, education, training, habits, tradition, believes and disbelieves and in many occasions not spoken norms and values. The problem is double folded when moving to either a homogeneous strong culture or to a country with completely different language.

The complexity of taking those obstacles in the working place and the surrounding should be a challenge to companies, organizations, politicians, cities and countries.

The best way to cope with differences is to approach cultures and not language. When ordinary people, or Ethnic groups, identify themselves in a society, the barriers of communication and fear to approach each other slowly vanish and a state of eagerness and respect may arise.

InterConsult21 advocates that intensive interest and learning of each others culture is creating a multi culture environment with very rich resources and inspiration. It is best to reach people on their own cultural terms.

InterConsult21scale for Multi Culture varies from -5 (for negative holding and disrespect of other Cultures in a City) to 5 (for a very high interest in others Multi Culture and people with different backgrounds in a City).


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