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Glocalization in the Era of Globalization
Globalization Turns the World Visible

Political Interest in Globalization

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Focusing on Globalization exceeds the capability and capacity of an ordinary person or even companies and organizations. The World is witnessing new frontiers in the form of mighty blocks. Trades within the members of each of the European Union EU, Asiatic, Latin American and North American is far stronger then the trade between each block and the other or even between each block and the rest of the World. Some may call this regional polarization. InterConsult21 sees this as a result of integration of high technology and perhaps a sort of self defense mobilization. Whether this mobilization is a parallel new era by its own or not, it is a result of Globalization threat or opportunities.

Under such circumstances and without imposing any kind of protectionism, it is very important to improve the possibility of each Country to contribute to the Globalization efforts.
InterConsult21 is aiming at encouraging each City / Country to contribute to the well being of the World. Contribution is possible through awareness to the possibilities of Globalization and the importance of Global Business 2 Business networking and communications.

A City / Country may have hidden unique strength that needs to be visible to the World.

Uniqueness is the key to prosperity. This may be called differently in trade, industry, business and services. The idea of specialist is closely related to uniqueness.

InterConsult21 advocates that merging the political and organizational visions is essential to highlight uniqueness.

Cities are influenced by many factors. In due respect, InterConsult21 encourage ordinary person, companies and organizations along with politicians, political thinkers, moral defenders and interest groups to present their City Profile in a new way.  

InterConsult21scale for Political Interest in Globalization varies from -5 (for lack of interest or anti globalization in a City) to 5 (for a very high interest in the Globalization by many interest groups in a City).


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